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Tidying Up with Elegance: Our Storage Sheds

Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace, located in the Quad-State Area, is committed to offering more than just storage solutions. Our sheds seamlessly integrate functionality with aesthetic appeal. Understanding that every individual’s storage needs and style preferences are unique, we present a vast array of storage sheds tailored to resonate with diverse tastes and requirements.

Storage solutions don’t have to be mundane. With Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace elevate your outdoor space with sheds that offer a perfect balance of style and functionality. Entrust us with your storage needs and let us craft a space that is efficient, elegant, and distinctly yours. Contact Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace online or by calling (240) 513-6996 to learn more about custom storage sheds.

Styles to Suit Every Landscape

A storage shed should not only be practical but also complement its surroundings. At Kelly Moore, we offer a plethora of styles to ensure your shed is both a functional addition and a style statement:

Cottage and Classic: For those who seek simplicity combined with functionality, our cottage and classic designs are the perfect fit, radiating timeless appeal.

Quaker and Victorian-Style Amish Sheds: Infuse a touch of tradition and elegance into your backyard with these designs. With intricate details and Amish craftsmanship, these sheds stand out as architectural masterpieces.

Custom Sheds: Have a particular design in mind or wish to match the shed with your home’s aesthetics? Our custom sheds can be tailored from the ground up to reflect your vision.

Customize with Add-ons and Colors

Beyond design, we offer an array of customization options:

Sizes: From compact sheds for basic storage needs to expansive ones capable of housing larger equipment, we cater to all size requirements.

Add-ons: Enhance functionality with our range of add-ons such as shelves, ramps, and lofts.

Colors: With our vast color palette, choose a hue that either blends with your landscape or makes a bold statement.