Shed Moving in the Quad-State Area

Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace: Leading the Way in Shed Moving

The Intricacies of Shed Moving

Relocating a shed can be a daunting task. Whether it’s to a different location on your property or to a new address altogether, proper care and expertise are required to ensure that the shed remains undamaged and its structural integrity is maintained. Factors like shed size, its current and new location, access routes, and the materials from which the shed is constructed can all influence the moving process. Contact Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace online or call today at (240) 513-6996 for more information about our shed moving services.

The Kelly Moore Shed Moving Process

Evaluation and Planning: Our team begins by inspecting the shed to be moved, understanding its dimensions, materials, and current state. Based on this, a comprehensive moving plan is devised.

Preparation: The shed’s contents are emptied, and the building is prepped for the move. Necessary permits, if required, are acquired in advance.

Specialized Equipment: Kelly Moore uses state-of-the-art equipment designed for shed moving. Hydraulic lifts, trailers, and other tools ensure that the shed is safely lifted and transported.

Relocation: With careful maneuvering and expert handling, the shed is relocated to its new location.

Final Setup: Once moved, the shed is correctly placed, ensuring that it’s level and stable in its new position.

Why Opt for Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace?

In the Quad-State Area, when it comes to shed moving, residents trust Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace for the job. Our deep-rooted understanding of local terrain, regulations, and the diverse range of sheds ensures that every move is seamless and hassle-free. Our dedicated team combines expertise with the utmost care, ensuring that your shed reaches its new home safely. Whether it’s a simple garden shed or a more elaborate workshop, entrust Kelly Moore for all your shed moving needs.