Horse Run-ins at Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace in the Quad-State Area

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Sheltering Your Equine Friends

In the Quad-State area, Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace stands as a hallmark of quality and care, especially when it comes to the well-being of your beloved equines. Recognizing the importance of providing horses with a sanctuary against the elements, our horse run-ins are meticulously designed to offer shelter, comfort, and durability.

At Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace, we don’t just build structures; we craft sanctuaries for your equine companions. With our expansive customization options and a commitment to quality, you can rest assured that your horses will enjoy the comfort and protection they truly deserve. Contact Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace online or call today at (240) 513-6996 for more information about horse run-ins.

A Spectrum of Colors, Sizes, and Styles

Every horse owner has a distinct vision and set of requirements. At Kelly Moore, we celebrate this diversity by offering a plethora of customization options:

Colors: From rustic browns to elegant grays, choose a hue that complements your property or makes a statement.

Sizes: Whether you have a lone stallion or a herd, our range of sizes ensures every horse gets the space they deserve.

Styles: Our designs cater to both traditional tastes and contemporary preferences, ensuring your run-in is both functional and visually appealing.

Roofing that Withstands the Test of Time

A crucial element of any run-in is its roof. At Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace, we offer:

Shingle Roofs: Crafted for those who prefer a classic look, our shingle roofs promise longevity and resilience.

Tin Roofs: For a more modern touch, our tin roofs not only look sleek but also provide excellent protection against rain and sun.

Prioritizing Equine Comfort and Safety

Beyond aesthetics and customization, the core of our horse run-ins lies in the safety and comfort they offer. Our structures are built using premium materials, ensuring they stand strong against the elements. The open design ensures adequate ventilation, while the sturdy build keeps your horses protected from rain, snow, or the scorching sun.