Custom-Built Animal Shelters by Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace in the Quad-State Area

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Versatility for Every Animal

At Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace, our passion lies in catering to the diverse needs of animal lovers in the Quad-State area. We understand that each animal – whether it be chickens, dogs, or goats – has unique shelter requirements. Hence, we offer a range of sizes to ensure every pet and livestock feels at home. Contact Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace online or call today at (240) 513-6996 for more information about custom-built animal shelters.

Detailed Design Features

No detail is too small for us. Our custom-built animal shelters are designed with precision and a keen eye for what animals and their owners need:

Doors and Windows: Each shelter comes with doors for easy access and windows to ensure proper ventilation and natural light.

Choice of Enclosure: Depending on the animal and owner’s preference, we offer both chain link kennels for those who prefer an open space, and fully enclosed houses for protection against elements.

Aesthetic and Functional Roofing Options

A shelter is incomplete without a sturdy roof. We provide:

Shingle Colors: Choose from a range of shingle colors to match the aesthetic of your property or to stand out.

Metal Roofing: For those looking for longevity and a modern touch, our metal roofing options are both stylish and durable.

Personalize with Colors and Stains

Your animal’s shelter doesn’t have to be bland. We offer:

Wood Stains: For those who love the rustic, natural look, our variety of wood stains enhances the grain and character of the wood.

Paint Colors: If you have a particular shade in mind or want to match the shelter with your house or other structures, our spectrum of paint colors offers unlimited possibilities.


Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace is not just a provider but a partner in ensuring your animals get the best shelter tailored to their needs. With our customization options ranging from design to color, every animal owner in the Quad-State area, can provide their pets and livestock with a secure, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing home.