Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace: Serving Emmitsburg, Mount Airy, and Walkersville, MD

Premium Outdoor Building Products

Nestled in the heart of Maryland, Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace is the epitome of outdoor elegance and functionality. Offering an unmatched selection for the residents of Emmitsburg, Mount Airy, and Walkersville, our products cater to a wide range of outdoor needs. Contact Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace online or call today at (240) 513-6996 for more information about product and services.

Our product lineup includes:

Animal Shelters: Protective enclosures designed for your pets.

Big Green Egg Grill: Taking your BBQ experiences to a new pinnacle.

Cabins: Your backyard haven of serenity and comfort.

Chicken Coops: Expertly crafted homes for your poultry.

Garages: Durable storage solutions for vehicles and tools.

Gazebos: Breathe life into your gardens with these ornate shelters.

Greenhouse: A gardener’s delight for year-round cultivation.

Horse Run-ins: Specialized shelters for your stallions and mares.

Local Foods: Experience the taste of freshness with our local offerings.

LODGE Cast Iron: Perfect blend of tradition and durability for your kitchen.

Metal Buildings: Sturdy structures, built for multipurpose use.

Metal Carports: Perfect space to store your vehicle.

Patio Furniture: Add a dash of luxury to your outdoor lounging.

Pavilions: Your go-to spot for gatherings or relaxation.

Pool Houses: Merging aesthetics with utility for your pools.

Solo Stoves: Elevate your outdoor adventures with innovative design meets efficient, smokeless fire.

Storage Sheds: De-clutter and organize with ease.

Services that Exceed Expectations

Beyond products, we pride ourselves on delivering an array of services, ensuring every customer in Emmitsburg, Mount Airy, and Walkersville enjoys a seamless experience:

Site Preparation: Paving the way for your new outdoor additions.

On-Site Building: Witness the construction magic right on your premises.

Shed Moving: Hassle-free and secure shed relocation.

Shed Delivery: Efficient delivery ensuring your shed’s safety.

Interior Customization: Infusing interiors with a touch of personal flair.

The Choice of Emmitsburg, Mount Airy, and Walkersville

For years, Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace has been the trusted partner for outdoor building solutions in Emmitsburg, Mount Airy, and Walkersville. Each product and service is a testament to our commitment, quality, and drive to deliver nothing but the best.