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A Paradise for Poultry: Tailored Chicken Coops

In in the Quad-State area, Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace offers a haven for your feathered friends. Recognizing the increasing demand for quality chicken coops, we craft spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring your chickens have a comfortable, safe environment. 

Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace is your go-to destination for top-tier chicken coops. With our blend of style, functionality, and advanced features, you’re not just investing in a coop; you’re investing in a quality home for your chickens. Trust us to deliver excellence for your backyard farming journey. Contact Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace online or call today at (240) 513-6996 for more information about chicken coops.

A Palette of Colors and Styles

Every flock and its owner are unique. That’s why we offer chicken coops in a variety of colors and styles. Whether you’re seeking a rustic barn-red or a subtle muted gray, our coops are designed to complement your backyard or farm aesthetics. From traditional to contemporary styles, there’s something for every poultry enthusiast.

Advanced Features for Ultimate Convenience

At Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace, we understand the intricacies of poultry care. Our coops aren’t just shelters; they come equipped with:

Automatic Chicken Doors: Ensure your chickens’ safety from predators, especially during the night, with automated doors.

Built-in Feeders: Streamline feeding times with integrated feeders, making sure your flock gets consistent nutrition.

Litter Trays: Simplify cleaning with easily accessible litter trays, ensuring a hygienic environment for your birds.

Beyond Shelter: A Home for Your Flock

Chicken coops are more than just wooden structures; they are homes for your flock. Our focus on detail, from ventilation to insulation, ensures that your chickens are protected from the elements, be it the scorching summer sun or the freezing winter chill. Each coop is crafted keeping the comfort and safety of your flock in mind.

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