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Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace Offers Site Preparation

When delivery is not an option for your project, Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace provides on-site building for an additional price. Our contractors will review the area and provide site preparation and shed moving, if necessary. We also demolish and haul old sheds if it cannot be salvaged. After the site is ready and the job is done, our contractors will provide any necessary follow up maintenance.

Call Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace today at (240) 513-6996 for shed orders and information about site preparation services. We serve Williamsport, MD; Hagerstown, MD; Clear Spring, MD; and the surrounding areas.


On-Site Building for Garages, Sheds, and More

In some cases, the custom shed, garage, or other portable building may be too large for delivery. Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace offers on-site building for an additional charge when necessary. Our team works with customers to provide them with the shed of their dreams, and we do not let the size get in the way of that.

Amish Built Sheds & Garages | Williamsport MD | Hagerstown MD
Amish Built Sheds & Garages | Williamsport MD | Hagerstown MD

Shed Moving for Williamsport & Hagerstown, MD

Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace offers shed moving to Williamsport and Hagerstown, MD, and the surrounding areas. Whether you are building a new storage shed, or just need the shed in a new location, our team has the equipment to safely move it. Do not stress or try to do the difficult, dangerous task yourself. Call us at Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace for an estimate, or to learn more about how to schedule a shed moving appointment.


Interior Shed and Portable Building Services for Williamsport, MD

Kelly Moore Sheds and Marketplace sheds, pool houses, and other buildings can come fully-equipped with electricity, plumbing, and more to meet your needs. Whether you need a She Shed to spend days off in, or a pool house to accommodate all guests, Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace will have a fully-functioning building ready for you in no time.

We can also add ceiling fans, lights, and more. Customize the style and look for your building, along with the fixtures. Contact us today for an estimate on wiring and plumbing work.


Shed and Portable Building Delivery to Washington County, MD

Finding the right custom-made Amish shed, garage, or other portable building in your area can be difficult. That is why Kelly Moore Sheds & Marketplace offers free delivery within 35 miles of Williamsport, MD. Contact us for delivery rates outside of the 35 miles. We will work with you to bring your portable building to you in no time.